Consistency in action?

Fully functional teams

Customer relationships and loyalty will emerge through time, but profit and revenue is key to any business year on year.

Stormley Consulting add value to your business is to work with your team(s) to develop overall consistency.

  • Develop and encourage focus
  • Balance category and channel sales
  • Improve individual skills
  • Harvest new business growth
  • Analyse Gaps in existing customers
  • Realise potential v actual ROI 
  • Work closely to ensure KPI focus

Stormley take both an external and internal appraisal of your people and customers, working with your business to drive efficient and consistent sales and development.

Contact Stormley Consulting if you would like to engage your team on a new journey of development, bespoke for your business.

Omnichannel and the evolving role of bricks-and-mortar

Interesting post written on MyCustomer, worth a read.

Omni and bricks and mortar retailers are areas that Stormley Consulting can provide experience within, should you or your business require optimised sales channels to customers.

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