Most resistant groups to change in business 

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Groups most resistant to change

Interesting figures and worth consideration. 

This is a big cross section of the workforce and therefore requiring that you have their ‘buy in’ and support to the change is crucial to the end result being accomplished. 

Stormley Consulting recognise this and work closely with your team top down to ensure collaborative engagement across your business. 

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POLL-Who controls your Profit Margin?

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Profit margins POLL

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Customer Lifecycle Mapping – Getting to Grips with Customers

Customer mapping

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Are your sales team immersed in your customers journey end to end?

This great article highlights the process and engagement points. 

Stormley consulting understand the importance of this journey and work with businesses to strengthen the development within your people and their customers. 

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6 Ways the Tough Mudder Changes How You Think About Leadership

The challenges of the race forced teammates to rely on each other and overcome obstacles to reach the finish line.

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Creating Creativity…

Taking a fresh approach to your business and employees can empower some really useful feedback.

This Infographic really offers some fresh ways to extract this.

This is where Stormley Consulting can really work with teams to energise, empower and engage.

Taking you to the next level of profitability

Get creative with your people and their ideas. 



10 Books for Leaders to Read this Summer

Tackling a diversity of topics, from coaching, to customer service, to mindset, these books will help you become a more powerful leader.

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Some great reads for personal and business development in this article from





What’s your personality?

Useful personality test, identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as to help understand how others perceive you both socially and in the workplace.

What drives you, restricts you and ultimately could also develop you.

A great visual snapshot based on your own answers submitted over approximately 10 minutes.

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Drawing on the facts and circumstances, leads to the focus and functions.

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3 Sales team models 

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Sales team models 

Insight into 3 very different sales team models – Steli Efti